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Soul Based Readings (Akashic Record Readings)

When we are first created as a soul, we are created with a certain vibration that is different from other souls. This is so we are separate or else, we would be just one soul. This vibration resonates with certain characteristics which never change throughout lifetimes as it represents who we are at the soul level. This is different from our personality which is influenced by other factors such as subconscious belief patterns, life circumstances, etc.

When we make choices in alignment with our souls, we manifest positive results, such as abundance, fulfilment and happiness. The opposite holds true when we make misaligned choices. This is easier said than done, because our belief patterns and life circumstances often get in the way. Our misaligned choices, whether made in this life or past lives, could have a negative impact on our energy fields, emotions, thoughts, behaviours and consequently, the reality that we manifested.   

A Soul Profile Reading establishes your soul vibration and the characteristics that are most prominent to you. This can help you to make choices that are more aligned with who you are in order to manifest more of what you want.

A Soul Realignment Reading starts with a Soul Profile Reading. We then go on to discover what blocks and restrictions are in your energy field influencing your ability to make positive, aligned choices. These may have come from current and/or past life choices. We then proceed to clear these influences, giving you the freedom and opportunity to make new choices that are aligned with who you are and therefore manifest the life you desire.

A Soul Pattern and Belief Reading establishes what negative beliefs and triggers are getting in the way for you at this present time. These subconscious beliefs will be influencing the way you think, feel, behave and manifest. This is the area that your soul wants to focus on and experience at this particular time, the resolution of which could lead to breakthroughs and growth. This reading will discover what your underlying triggers are, what beliefs and emotions are connected to it, and what therapies are required to heal and transform this pattern into a positive belief aligned to what you want to manifest, in the most effective and transformative way possible.

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