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I call them investments, not prices. Investment in yourself is the best gift you can give to yourself.


When you think about it, why we want anything in life is because we want to be happy. Happiness that comes from within is more powerful and long-lasting than any happiness you can get from the exterior world. Better still, when you are happy within, you attract a better, happier reality for yourself.


As within, so without.

  • NDIS participants welcomed

  • Some treatments may be tax deductible

Initial Session
1 ½ hours $220

This is a good place to start for new clients.

In this session we will talk about your current situation, and the desired outcomes that you wish to achieve or experience. We will look into into the experiences you have had so far and your current thought and behavioural patterns. This session will usually include a healing aspect such as hypnotherapy, energy healing or other tools that seem fit for the purpose.

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Follow up sessions
1 hour $150

These sessions consist of a combination of different tools, such as counselling, hypnotherapy, energy healing, EFT, etc. to help you transform limiting or outdated beliefs into empowering ones, so you can go forth to create the change you want to experience.


Each client is different and will be guided to receive the right treatments appropriate to their needs.  

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Past Life Regression 
1 hour - 1 ½ hours $150 - $220

Past Life Regression sessions can last anywhere from 1 hour to 1 ½ hours depending on the purpose. Exploratory Regression session usually lasts longer as it includes experience in the womb.


Regression gives us an opportunity to re-experience our past lives. By giving them more empowering meanings, we allow healing and transformation to take place. This can help with releasing our fears, phobias and negative beliefs. It is also common to get insights, wisdom and new perspectives from such sessions, thereby helping us to see and experience our current life in a new light.

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Reiki Healing Session
1 hour $150

Reiki Healing Session can be provided in person or online via distant healing. Distant healing is just as effective as Reiki energy is not bound by physical space.


Distant healing can also be performed on your nominated recipients (such as your partner, children, friends), with their prior consent.


Reiki often induces deep relaxation, whilst balancing your chakras and cleansing your auras.

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Soul Based (Akashic Record) Readings

All Soul Based Readings will be performed prior to our sessions, as such the following will have to be paid in advance. Please note the following are the costs of readings and clearing works done prior to our appointments, which will be in addition to the cost of our 1 hour session. The 1 hour session will be used to explain the readings and the implications for you. For Soul Pattern & Belief Reading, this 1 hour will also include the first therapy as per the reading.

For more information on what these readings entail, please refer here.

Soul Profile Reading – $100

Soul Realignment Reading – $300

Soul Pattern & Belief Reading – $100

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