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Energy Healing

Scientists now know that everything is energy. As seen in Albert Einstein’s formula E = mc^2, energy and mass are interchangeable. The mass (or matter) that we perceive as solid today is in fact energy which vibration is so dense that it could be perceived by humans’ eyes. In other words, everything in this Universe is energy and they are either visible to humans’ eyes, such as human bodies, tables, trees, or invisible, such as wind, electricity, atoms, emotions, thoughts, auras and chakras.

Other than our physical body which is visible, there are energy fields within and around our body that are not visible to normal humans’ eyes. Trauma and negative beliefs can create disruption to these energy fields and manifest as mental or even physical symptoms (dis-ease).

Energy healing is about clearing this negativity to enable a normal healthy flow throughout our energy fields. Reiki is the use of universal intelligent energy to clear and release any negative energy stored in our body, which serve to balance our chakras and cleanse our auras. Energy healing allows us to treat each individual as a whole being, by enabling healing on all levels: mind, body and soul.

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